Aircraft Acquisition

Cost-effective and reputable airline business starts by acquiring the optimal aircraft for the required mission and at the right price.

Giving the market complexities and the continuous change in the business environment, making the right decision is crucial.

Being an expert in aircraft maintenance and project management, Condor Aviation team helps Buyers/Lessees navigate the complexities of purchasing or leasing an aircraft by:

  • Overseeing legal and financial implications
  • Developing of comprehensive pre-delivery evaluation
  • Understanding the EASA/FAA compliance requirements
  • Comparing aircraft options and the associated costs
  • Verifying aircraft maintenance status and forecasting future maintenance events
  • Ownership history, maintenance history and incidents/accidents status
  • Negotiate to secure the best price/lease rate

There are many factors to be considered before the right aircraft is chosen. Our team of experts will evaluate what is important to Buyer/Lessee and make a series of aircraft recommendations that best suits their budget and flight mission.


Aircraft Acquisition

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Aircraft available

B737-300 - For Sale

B737-300 - For Dry Lease or ACMI

Turbo Let L410 UVP - For Sale

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