Aircraft Lease Assistance

Leasing an aircraft is a complex transaction which requires extensive technical, commercial and legal knowledge. The more information the Lessee has about the aircraft before getting into a transaction and accepting the aircraft the less money shall be spent for sudden findings after the transaction is completed and the aircraft is accepted.

We will assist you with:

  • Preliminary Technical Condition Evaluation of the Aircraft;
  • Drafting the Lease Documents;
  • Negotiation of the Letter of Intent (LOI) and evaluation of the Delivery and Return Conditions;
  • Negotiation of the Lease Agreement;
  • Physical Inspection of the Aircraft and Technical Records;
  • Delivery of the Aircraft;
  • Return of the Aircraft;

Condor Aviation has a team of people very well qualified to help you to navigate through this complex transaction and get it smoothly completed.


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B737-300 - For Sale

B737-300 - For Dry Lease or ACMI

Turbo Let L410 UVP - For Sale

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