Aircraft Remarketing

Condor Aviation is highly experienced in aircraft remarketing and offers to a wide range of clients a complete package for remarketing of all types of commercial and corporate aircrafts.

Our experience offers a unique perspective into a complex process of selling an aircraft and completing the transaction.

We will assist you with:

  • Preparing a specification sheet that highlights the strengths of the aircraft;
  • Advertising your aircraft in all applicable publications;
  • Identifying the candidates best targeted to receive information regarding your aircraft;
  • Managing all aspects of pre-purchase inspection and aircraft evaluation;
  • Preparing and negotiating the LOI and the purchase agreement to obtain the best price;
  • Closing the deal and assisting at delivery.

Condor Aviation will immediately communicate any written offers for the aircraft and will provide reports regularly summarizing marketing efforts, responses and market update. This data and information gives a complete insight for the client to take the right and well informed decision about the aircraft.

Throughout the remarketing process we work closely with the client in determining which offer best suits a timely transaction with no exposure.


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Aircraft available

B737-300 - For Sale

B737-300 - For Dry Lease or ACMI

Turbo Let L410 UVP - For Sale

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